Name's Erika Enggar Savitri. But just call her "Erika". A 20 year-old girl who wants to be a lifelong learner, and a blessing for others as well. Her biggest dream is to travel around the world while pursuing her study and future career in the field of technology. She is an alumna of SMK Telkom Sandhy Putra Malang and currently pursuing a bachelor degree, majoring Information System at Ma Chung University (senior year).

She, defines herself as a social talkative, independent, and self-motivated person. Like to do things by herself because it makes her free to express what she wants. In spare time, she usually listens some good tunes, doing culinary, watches sci-fi movies or tv series (she is desperately in love with Marvel Universe), hang-out with friends, and also looks for new interesting things outside the technology field through books, online news or articles. Beside technology, she does have interest in math, science-fiction, social, education, and current issues. Yet as a girl-soon-to-be-woman, she really loves beach, seafood, flowers, chocolate, ice cream, and nice slash smart guys.

Experiencing new things and new places is her favorite since she thinks it's been so challenging. Yea, she often challenges herself due to her target or goal. Because she positively believe that if she can dream it, she is capable enough to achieve it.

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